Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Furry Role Players


One of my favorite online activities is checking the stats
on my blog. Typepad allows me to view what terms were put in each search engine
to lead Internet surfers to Another Gray Hair. Here are some searches
that have led to my blog in the past 24-hours that I thought were worthy of

  • “bunny bandit” nude (my head is spinning on this one thinking of that CSI episode featuring "furries"--defined as anthropomorphic animal enthusiasts, fur suiters, furry artists, furry conventionists, furry role-players)

  • Bret Michaels hair (searched 5 times in the last 24 hours)

  • Bret Michaels hairline (searched 3 times in the last 24 hours)

  • Son swallowed sun lotion

  • Donate gray hair

  • Is Paula Dean’s hair really gray?

  • Toddler gray hair (I get a hit or two from a variation of this phrase at least once a day)

  • Mary Lou Retton + hairstyle (as a huge Mary Lou fan from back in the day, this one pleases me)

  • Graying hair food (I can't quite wrap my head around this one. What?)

Apparently, I am in good company with my guilty TV pleasure,
Rock of Love. People seem to be obsessed with what is under Bret
Michael’s bandana. There are two camps. There's the, he just looks good in a bandana camp and the, he's covering up a wicked receding hairline camp. I am definitely in the latter. I can't wait for the paparazzi to snap a picture of Mr. Michaels sans do-rag.



  1. I saw that "furries" CSI, and I have to tell you that is probably the most disturbing CSI episode I have ever seen. People are so damn weird.

  2. I like CSI, but since it's on at 8:00, we don't get to watch it anymore. I do remember that episode. That was a weird one!
    It's kind of fun to see what is searched to bring people to your blog.

  3. My man wore bandanas and cowboy hats back in the day, so maybe he is just still riding the 80's train

  4. I said I wasn't going to get sucked into "Rock of Love," but oh, how I have been pulled in. The shenanigans of these women crack me up; desperate much?
    Do you love to hate Lacey, too? :-)
    And I think the bandanna is a cover-up for something. ;-)

  5. Ironically, a "Furry" made an appearance on the most recent episode of "Entourage" on HBO.

  6. Wow, that Furries reference seems to be universal.

  7. Chase-
    I know that you really WANT this to be true but I think you've got to face the truth: the front men for the 80's hair bands are now in their fifties. Bret Michaels is a baldy.

  8. Tiffani-
    It kills me how many smart women I know watch that show. Apparently VH-1 has a pretty good market research team.

  9. I must be way out of the loop, I have no idea what a furry is. I really have never watched an episode of CSI. I'm curious to know what one is

  10. Maribeth-
    I am shocked that you don't know what a furry is. Furries are people too.
    Just kidding. Trust me, it's best you don't know. I wish I didn't.

  11. WOW! Chase claimed his comment!

  12. I know. It's a miracle. He didn't need to claim that one though. I would have known it was him :)

  13. I am always shocked at what brings people to my site. The top one: Choking on bagel. Wow, like what I want to do when I'm choking is Google it! I would love to see what's going on when people pull me up on their screen!
    P.S. As you can tell, I can't help but peek back into the blogging world - aack, I'm lame and I can't stop posting!

  14. People keep showing up on my blog from googling "scary mace." They're always from Europe. I think they're looking for "scary maze." I used to have an anonymous blog that for some time was the top google result for object stuck in anus. I always felt bad that I'm pretty sure my blog wasn't what they were looking for.

  15. Janine-
    At least your site can be useful to others. Who knows, you just might save a life with your "Choking on Bagel" entry.

  16. Jody-
    How sweet of you to feel sorry for the sexual deviants that stumble upon your site.

  17. He's gotta be bald. Why else not ever show your hair?