Saturday, August 11, 2007

Taking Suggestions

I'm taking suggestiions for Saturday Symphony albums. Please email me your favorite kid's CD or post it as a comment to this thread. I'll have to give it a listen to make sure that it lives up to my non-sucking standards and, if I like it, I'll include it on an upcoming Saturday's blog.


  1. Hee Hee!!! I just posted on the other one. Laurie Berkner & Dan Zane. We don't have their albums, but they are featured on Noggin & Playhouse Disney respectively.

  2. My favorite CD is a CD that Johnny's sister picked up years ago titled "25 Fun Learning Songs" by the "Twin Sisters Productions". They are all upbeat fun songs for the kids :)

  3. The Imagination Movers.
    Great stuff
    The Medicine Dance
    Clean My Room
    Please and Thank You
    Plus easy on the eyes and they are a mix of Mister Rogers meets the Beastie Boys.

  4. We love Laura Berkner! We recently lost or misplaced one of her albums. I sing one of her songs to my youngest everynight "Moon, moon, moon". We also love the way she does the "Froggy" song. I also love the "Googlehead" one too. Oh, and the Dinosaur song is great too. I haven't ventured yet to other people other than Dan Zane- he is ok. I look forward to seeing some suggestions.