Monday, October 1, 2007

Delusions of Craftiness

In a rare moment of crafty mom energy, I helped my kids put
together a “Happy Halloween” banner. Don’t give me too much credit. It came
from one of those foam cut out kits and took very little creativity. My kids
love that stuff though and making things with them provides me with the pleasant
illusion that I am, in fact, a crafty mom. We got out our glue and attached the
ghosts, pumpkins and witches to the ribbon. Once it dried, we ceremoniously
hung the banner on our living room mantle.

It greets us in all of its Halloween splendor each morning.
Normally, this would be a pleasant experience but my son has a meltdown every
morning when he finds out how far away Halloween is.

Five weeks? But that’s a long time. Halloween’s NEVER
going to get here.

32 Days? Mommy, why did we put the decorations up? It
never gets any closer.

Every day it is the same reaction. I do my best to ignore
his dramatic body movements. He typically falls to his knees and drops his
hands by his side in an exasperated way as if I just told him that Santa Claus
didn’t exist. The banner has been up for one week today and I tried to tell him
the good news this morning that Halloween was seven days closer than it was a
week ago. It didn’t go over very well.

I’ve considered taking the banner down to avoid confrontation but I really like it.
I feel like giving myself a pat on the back every time I walk by it. What a
good Mom I am! What a crafty lady! I’m going to have to suck it up and take the
good with the bad, completely ignore my son’s ridiculous tantrums and seriously
consider putting up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. If he’s this excited
about trick or treating I can only imagine how he’s going to react when he’s
greeted by the Christmas tree every morning.


  1. Note to self;-) Remember to really lay the "Christmas is just around the corner!!" stuff on extra extra heavy at Thanksgiving this year, then, sit back and watch the fun!! 2nd note, find a good hiding place for the stuffed deer head with the red nose:-(

  2. Lol. Love PapaDales' comment.
    I'm proud of you. Crafty is do with the AUNTS! I hear you on this one.
    I never said it, but thanks for the award too. You're a Rocking Girl Blogger in my books too.

  3. I just went through the same situation tonight. My son was not very happy when I told him Halloween was in thirty days. He thought because it was now October Halloween should be tomorrow.
    Hey, and I did something crafty with my kids this week too. We made boxes for Meals on Wheels for their school. It was fun and nerve-racking all in one. :):):):)

  4. Yup, you're definitely torturing him. Couldn't you have done something for Columbus Day instead? It's closer.

  5. My kids were the same way when younger; I gave them their own calendars so they could X out the days and count down, and hopefully drive me a little less crazy!

  6. My daughter has been asking everyday when her grandparents are coming to visit. The other day it was and I told her about 4 weeks. This seemed semi-acceptable to her, but when I changed my terminology to saying it would be a month--this should could not abide--far, far too long.

  7. Oh - craft glue! And foam. Seems you've gotten yourself into a sticky situation (oh - good pun - pat, pat, pat!) But really, make yourself one of those countdown calendars out of a pad of paper, and let the little guy get his frustrations out by tearing out the date - he can even shout "Trick or Treat - XX days until the Sweets!"