Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Potty Prodigy

What is the most gratifying developmental milestone of early childhood? Potty training. It's an Tp
accomplishment for both child and parents and sets you free from the expense and the hassle of diapers and diaper bags. My daughter, who is not quite 2 and a half, is officially potty trained. I put her in panties last Monday and she has had one accident in the 9 days since. The "training" part of the process took all of 15 minutes. She wanted to wear those panties. She's my little potty prodigy! This whole experience is her little way of apologizing for waiting so long to walk and all of the anxiety it caused me. In your face early walkers!

On a related note, did you know that there is actually a PC term for potty-training? It's now called, "toilet learning." I guess the use of the term, "training" is somehow offensive.


  1. Please, could you gloat somewhere else? I don't want to hate you. None of my kids train (or "learn") that early. You can read about the misadventures at my blog - just look for the potty training labels.

  2. Super-duper atta' girl to little Sweet Tater, as Martha S. would say, "that's a GOOD thing!" this could be something she takes after her Daddy, he accomplished toilet learning earlier than his brothers, it had something to do with Grandma Mary being pregnant with little Ben at the time, and knowing she didn't want 2 in diapers at the same time.

  3. You go ahead and gloat about the toilet learning :) Mine was "trained" by 2 1/2 also. But that was BTL (Before Toilet Learning).
    My second little guy might be a much bigger challenge for me though! He's Volume Challenged and Listening Delayed :)

  4. Karen-
    Don't hate me because I'm a superior Mom :)
    Just kidding. Can't wait to read your toilet learning wisdom.

  5. Papa Dale-
    I can assure you that I don't have THAT kind of motivation :) Fortunately, Tata Pie didn't need any extra motivation. She had it all figured out on her own.

  6. I'll add "Volume Challenged" and "Listening Delayed" to my ever-growing library of PC Mama terms.

  7. Toilet learning? Hmmmnn. Nope, I'm not digging it. I think I'll stick with potty training. After all, it takes some serious training to get them to the point where they can man up and poop in a brick outhouse (like my kid did last week).

  8. There was little that gave me greater satisfaction then when my kids were successfully "toilet learned!" I had a diaper burning party.