Monday, November 20, 2006

Fiber Nazi

My kids are definitely nutritionally challenged. They are, however, not lacking in
fiber. For some reason I have picked
fiber consumption as my nutritional hot-button issue. I am obsessed with it. My
kids may not eat a single vegetable but I will be damned if they are going to
be irregular. I try to always buy
non-white flour foods. I buy whole-wheat
tortillas, whole wheat bread, whole-wheat pasta, and spelt pretzels (when I can
find them). I throw milled flax seed
into any recipe that will not allow its detection and I have even tried making
cakes and cookies out of whole-wheat flour. Unless you like your cakes and cookies to taste like they've been dipped in a sandbox, this is not something that I would recommend.

My obsession with fiber has definitely had an impact. My son does not like white bread and he has
no clue what regular spaghetti tastes like. He thinks spelt pretzels are the norm and relishes his whole-wheat
garlic bread. My daughter eats pasta
like it is going out of style and loves the whole-wheat pizza crust that I
make. There are other benefits as well
but I will spare you those details.

Suffice it to say, I am a self-proclaimed fiber Nazi. I closely monitor my own fiber consumption
and, not surprisingly, this habit has carried over into my children’s
lives. I am always on the lookout for
new, inventive ways to sneak fiber into my children’s diet. I’ve seriously considered introducing my
children to the geriatric version of Tang, Metamucil. My son would probably love it. If only they would come out with a fiber enriched gummy worm, I would be
good to go.


  1. Well it is a good thing you choose fiber because constipation can be a pain in the a$$! Maybe once a week you could throw in a new thing to push into their diet. You could give them v8 juice or ovaltine, although that is pricey. Have fun on your trip!!

  2. Melinda-
    Ovaltine? Girlfriend, what is this? 1972? Just kidding.
    Have a great holiday!

  3. I have never actually tried it or seen it, but I always see the "more ovaltine please!" commericals so it must still be around! Have a happy thanksgiving!