Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Over the River and Through the Woods...

To Grandmother's house we go.  Myself and the family
are off to the Midwest to eat some turkey with the In-Laws.  I bought a
dual screen DVD player for my van today.  It should make for a much more
pleasant trip.  I definitely have mixed emotions about it, though.
Our road trips are generally spent talking incessantly to my son, playing
pretend games and counting the minutes until he falls asleep and the
unremitting verbalization finally ceases. My son is one of those kids who
becomes so mesmerized by television that he enters a semi-comatose state in
which he does not respond to any type of outside stimulation.  It does not have to be "Spongebob" either.  He could
be watching "Hogan Knows Best" and remain unresponsive to even the
most tempting of phrases.

"Sweetie.  Come outside and see your new pony."

"I've got some gummy worms and ice-cream waiting for you in the
kitchen."  No response.

My husband and I can openly discuss what Santa will be bringing my son in
normal voices and, as long as there is a movie playing, he will be totally
oblivious.  I know we will miss out on some quality family time and, for
that reason, we will keep the television off for part of the trip.  Ten
hours is a long time though and two or three movies will insure a more pleasant
ride for everyone involved.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Another Gray Hair will be on
sabbatical until Tuesday, November 28th. I have no doubt that my trip to the In-Laws will serve as a
working vacation. My supply of material
will, as in years past, be endless.


  1. Joe LOVES TV as well...I'm sure I couldn't tear him away from the Home Shopping Network if it was on. Meanwhile, Ben is TOO busy to watch TV - he would rather open drawers, dig around, make a mess, scope out the pantry for food, etc. Anyway, we ought to get Truman and Joe together again sometime - from what you've written in your blog, they seem to have a lot in common!

  2. Kathleen C-
    Yes we should. We never get to see you guys. The boys could keep each other busy and we could chat.