Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tryptophan and Red Wine

It is 65 degrees in the Midwest.  I brought only winter clothes so I am sweating profusely and doing my best to control the urge to stand with my face in the freezer whenever the opportunity arises.  Despite my constant sweating, I am enjoying myself.  The DVD player made our trip relatively painless and there are three bottles of red wine sitting atop my Mother-In-Laws kitchen counter.  Just the site of them brings me great comfort.  I have to enjoy my wine outside, though, in the evenings or I will sweat to death.

We had a great Thanksgiving and I was one of the raving lunatics who braved the mall on Black Friday so I have oodles of material stored in the old noggin.  I don't have much time because my In-Laws have dial-up and their Internet Service Provider tends to spontaneously disconnect.  I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and safe travels.  Here's to tryptophan and red wine, the staples of any good Thanksgiving celebration!


  1. What? No shout outs to Aunt Becky for the 4:45AM wakeup call on Black Friday????

  2. Hey J- that is funny, my mom was dealing w/ the same thing well, opposite though here in Chatt. she came in town on Sunday, didn't bring any warm clothes or a coat. Funny! Is this the family that draws names for Christmas? If so, maybe they could have redrawn names w/ you guys present?? I was thinking this a couple of days ago. Anyway, hope you guys arrive safe and sound!

  3. Katb-
    Yes, we are home safe and sound enjoying the spring-like weather. The reason that we draw names pre-Thanksgiving is so that I can get all of our shopping done before we head up there and save on shipping. So, alas, we will continue to get screwed.