Friday, November 10, 2006

The Smell of Hypocrisy

Yesterday, I took my son to a friend’s house and she watched
him while I went to a Christmas craft show. While there, my daughter started to get a little fussy and I happened to
notice Santa sitting quietly in his sleigh at the entrance. So, with barely a second thought, I placed
my daughter on Santa’s lap 46 days before Christmas. The smell of hypocrisy is hanging heavy in the air at my

Last night I hosted one of those direct sales home parties
that I have preached against. I had a
blast and got lots of free stuff. My
husband was scheduled to go hang out with some of his friends and their
kids during the party. They were looking for something
to do and decided, with complete support from yours truly, to take them to the
Santa parade at the mall. It was free,
after all, and the kids were bound to have fun. The kids and Dads had a great time. So much for “Bah humbug.”

I had several friends tell me that they were going to rat me
out on the blog so I decided to save the time and do it myself. My name is Julianne Hale and I am a home
party-hosting, Santa-in-early-November-loving hypocrite.


  1. Dang beat me to the punch!!

  2. I had heard that the Hale kids were at the parade!!

  3. How are we suppose to make fun or our friends if they beat us to the punch??
    Note to self...never take advice from julianne because she does not practice what she preaches!!

  4. Alyson-
    Yes, and I heard all of the kids (minus the Byrnes) were parade candy acquisition-challenged

  5. Melinda-
    When has my advice ever steered you wrong????

  6. J, I commend you for being so honest and coming clean with the err of your ways. Yet I must admit, I was looking forward to calling you out on it.....My hopes are you haven't totally fallen off the bandwagon. That would mean we could never expect any more RSVP's or Thank you's from the self proclaimed "home party-hosting, Santa-in-early-November-loving hypocrite"?

  7. sometimes it doesn't matter what you say, think, or do, somebody, somewhere will call you on it, I believe it's refered to as the 'BITE ME'

  8. And how about no RSVP on the Moms Club Recipe Club invitation? Hmmmmmmm...

  9. Kathleen-
    Slam! Duh duh duh. This is not my week. Totally forgot to send the RSVP. I'm sorry. I can't be held responsible, though. Like I said, it's a generational thing. I'm working hard on my entitlement issues but I've got a long, hard road ahead of me :)

  10. If it helps, it is my daughters first Christmas. So she has seen Santa twice already. I can't believe I'm turning into one or "thoes" moms!!!

  11. Linda-
    It's inevitable. We all do things that we never said we'd do eventually as parents.