Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mary Had a Little Amp

Children's compilations albums are fairly common these days.  They usually consist of current artists that either create a new children's song or put their own spin on a well-known classic.  "Mary Had a Little Amp" is one of these albums.  Released in 2004 by Sony BMG Music Entertainment, "Mary Had a Little Amp" is loaded with artists that have a great deal of Gen-X appeal.  Despite it's unoriginal approach, taken as a whole, the album is actually quite good. 

The first track features Maroon 5 singing the darkly enchanting "Pure Imagination" made famous by Gene Wilder in the original "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."  My son doesn't like this track very much yet but I think he will when he gets older.  "The Rainbow Connection," which seems to make an appearance on every single children's compilation CD, is sung with charming simplicity by Natalie Manes of the Dixie Chick.  Our favorite tracks are "The 3 R's" by Jack Johnson (this one can also be heard on the "Curious George" soundtrack) and "Wild, Wild Party in the Loquat Tree" by the Indigo Girls.  Moby, R.E.M., Madonna, Rosanne Cash, and Bonnie Raitt also make an appearance on "Mary Had a Little Amp."

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