Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stick a Fork In Me

I'm done.  My son's birthday party was today.  It went fairly smoothly but I am exhausted.  I ended up just having a very small celebration with a couple of his friends at my house.  I will be spending tonight recovering with some wine and Pinesol.  It's days like today when I miss my dog.  If he was still around, my kitchen floor would be spotless and he would have found a way to defy gravity and clean off my counters and table as well.  Now, I actually have to clean them myself. 

Suffice it to say, I have not had time to come up with anything witty or poignant today.  My brain is in an icing-induced haze and, given my son's all-too-brief nap, I'm in for an interesting night.   At this very moment, he is in his room in time-out.  He's making high-pitched pleas and throwing things at the door.  Anyone want to trade places with me?


  1. Trade places you say? Not unless I get to pick out the Switch, check with your hubby on the rest of that story. Hang in there, right now, I'll bet your glad you didn't rent the pony and hire the balloon blowing clown, and invite 63 of his closest buddies!!! I never thought I'd hear you say you missed Cleveland, my guess is you could stick your head out the door and yell "Hear Boy, Hear Boy!!" and get enough help to get the floor mopped anyway, better put the cats in the basement first.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'T' MAN!!! So.... Mama, injoy de win, and keep on smilin' ain't yo glad yo didn' invit 63 of his buds, an get de pony an de clown wit de baloooons? The bad news is that you have now reached zero plus 1 day, he is now four years old and, like it or not he will start retaining some of what you do and say for later play back. I'm going to hurry and get my other house re-modeled before you get home for Thanksgiving, you don't have that address yet, do you?

  3. Isn't it amazing how tired entertaing can make you! I was so tired after the show on sunday. I hope you have a restful evening!

  4. Papa Dale-
    I'd try that "Here boy. Here Boy." thing but there are way too many pitbulls in our 'hood. There's no telling what would come through that door!

  5. Papa Dale-
    Nope, we don't have the address yet. Are you trying to tell us something?