Friday, September 8, 2006

Does Spanking Release Endorphins?

Why is it that every mainstream "expert" opposes spanking but
every Mother that I know practices it?  We are a generation that earnestly
listens to the advice of the Supernanny and Dr. Phil but we still spank our
kids.  Are we throwing temper tantrums when we do this?  Have we lost
our cool?  Does spanking release endorphins?  I think the answer to
all three of these questions is unequivocally, "yes."  I have
found myself resorting to spanking when I feel as if I have no other
options.   My son pushes my buttons.  My blood pressure rises.
My reasonable, calm self is replaced by an irrational, angry creature that
cannot articulate a coherent sentence, let alone effectively discipline a

Spanking is never an effective discipline tool for my son.  I have seen
the results time and time again.  My son gets frightened and, thus, more
angry and difficult to control.  I know that it does not work but I still
continue to do it.  Why?  The only reasonable explanation is that I
spank my child to make myself feel better.  It appears that I am the one
lacking self-control.  My son is just reacting to the situation.  I
am creating it. 

My favorite aspect of parenthood is, by far, the guilt.  As a Mother, I
have quite a bloated ego when it comes to the impact that my behavior will have
on my child.  In my mind, my son is well on his way to being a serial
killer because I spanked him a few times.  Oh well, surely Ted Bundy's
mother loved him anyway, right?

FYI:  I am aware that my blanket statement about mainstream experts is not
entirely accurate.  I realize this is a controversial subject and I am
just expressing my personal views.


  1. I love it! Did you post this because I said today it makes me feel better when I spank! LOL To funny because I just said this same thing at Kathleen's today. Good luck you will do great!!

  2. Thanks. Actually, I said the same thing to Angie on our walk today. Great minds think alike :)

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