Sunday, September 10, 2006

Make Way for Crazy Mamas

Last night I went to my first consignment sale. I decided to volunteer to
work at the sale so that I could attend the pre-pre-sale for volunteers
only.  There were only 65 volunteers as opposed to 825 consignors so as
far as crowds go, I had it made in the shade.  My friends told me to come
prepared for battle.  So, armed with my laundry basket, cell phone, and a
blank check; I got in line at 6:10 for a 6:30 sale.  I was disappointed to
discover that there were about 25 people ahead of me. 

At 6:25, they let us walk in the space.  We had to listen to a little
spiel and then we were let loose upon the mountains of merchandise.  I
walked calmly in an indirect route to avoid the mad rush.  While perusing the
clothing racks, I met one woman who was trampled by two shoppers that were
gunning for a dollhouse.  I later stood in line next to the victorious
shopper who managed to get the illustrious dollhouse.  She was sweet and
mild-mannered.  I'm sure she had no idea that I knew her dirty

I came home after 1 hour of driving, 2 hours of shopping and 1 hour of
waiting in line with 2 Christmas presents for my daughter, 10 outfits (all name
brands that I cannot afford new) and a very nice winter coat for my son.
This came at a cost of $130.00.  Was it worth it?  I guess it depends
on your priorities.  If your priorities are, like mine, to purchase used,
brand-name clothing at a discount price for your children so that everyone
thinks you have more money than you do, then mission accomplished.
Woo hoo!  I can't wait for the next sale.


  1. Hell Yeah, it was worth it! You go with your bad self! Sounds like the sale was a great success. I'm thoroughly enjoying the blog. Good Stuff! Love-your friend who's hair is 30% gray...

  2. I love your honesty, Julianne!!! And I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog so far. I've got it bookmarked so I can quickly during any spare time I can get my hands on. Later!

  3. Starting the Blog is a good thing, and if you think you have got another grey hair, just remember mine, and the three young boys that put most of them there, I hate to mention it , but cousin kaylin is doing several steps at a time and has her 1st birthday coming up, tell Tater Poppop said; Get with the program, that's probablly all the encouragement she'll need!

  4. Thanks for the props Ashlie! I have had lots of fun writing it.

  5. Sure, rub it in Dale! I'm happy that Kaylin is walking. That's right around the time that your grandson started walking.

  6. Julianne this is great!!! You have a wonderful talent and I envy you. I am enjoying all of your blogs. Keep up the good work!! Anna Belle just turned one and people are already asking me "Why isn't she walking yet?" and I am like my gosh give her time!!! Like you said Tater has a mind of her own and she will walk when she is dang ready!! Tell people to back off!!!

  7. Thanks Tonya! Anna Belle will walk when she's good and ready. Plus, I'm sure she's full of other talents :)

  8. I remember being so ready for them to learn to walk, and now it seems that I am constantly telling them to shut up and sit down (ok - perhaps not shut up, but to quiet down at any rate.) Don't sweat the no walking thing. . .just keep in mind that it is all that much longer that she isn't running away from you into the parking lot of Wal-Mart (which is exactly what her cousin Aleita did yesterday. . . .) Aleita just completed her first full week in underpants with only one accident. The underpants she pooped in were the non-Dora pair - - accident? I think not.

  9. Thanks, Aunt Becky, for making me laugh out loud about Aleita's accident. I think you need to invest in some more Dora underpants :)

  10. oh the joy of looking like you have more money than you really do! I relish is this deceivment! I am all about trying to look like we have money so I agree it was soooo worth it! Good job on getting the deals!

  11. Melinda-
    You have GOT to do the consignment sale with me next time!