Thursday, September 7, 2006

Why Another Gray Hair?

I chose the name "Another Gray Hair" for my blog because that is,
essentially, the theme of my life.  For example, today I was in Target
heading towards the checkout line and my son (4) was standing on the metal bar
at the front of the shopping cart, holding onto the basket for dear life.
This is not my favorite shopping cart arrangement but, with two kids, you do
what you can.  About 20 feet from the checkout, my son asked if he could
get inside the shopping basket insisting that he was tired (this was absurd as
30 seconds earlier he was running up and down the aisle of the shoe department
like a ferret on crack).  Sometimes I do things based on reason and logic
and sometimes I do them based on pointless, stubborn principal.  This time
I chose the latter when I told him that he could not sit in the shopping cart basket.
He continued to ask about six more times consecutively, to which I responded
with a curt "no."  I told him to stop asking or else ("or
else" meaning consequences I had yet to determine).  He started
screaming at the top of his lungs in a violent, raging voice a stream of
incoherent words while simultaneously kicking the cart and grunting in a Monica
Seles-esque way.  I threw my items at my Mother, walked out of the store
with both kids, and made my son stand against the outer brick wall of Target while
thinking about what he had done.  Impromptu time-outs have become a way of
life for me.  By the time it was all said and done, he had lost two of his
toys to the "poor kids" (our term for Goodwill.  I must give
props to my friend Jacquelyn for this one.  She uses it in her house
too.  It's not exactly PC but it is effective for toddlers) and I grew another
gray hair


  1. I think a good spanking in front of the Target would have been great for all. Maybe someone would call the cops! Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. Julianne,
    I think this is fantastic! I also have a blog for Rilla that I haven't updated in well...months. But I have great intentions! I think you should definitely go after your goals. My favorite books are memoirs. latest memoir read was called Sippy cups are not for chardonnay. Very good young mother read. You know...if you have any time at all to read, If I ever need a guest columnist, would you be interested?
    By the way, Rilla had major blow outs at daycare yesterday. She was sans bloomers when I went to pick her up.
    I bookmarked your sight. If you ever want to take a peek at Rilla's sight, it is My sister has one called

  3. Thanks for the props Meg. That really means a lot coming from you. OF COURSE I'd be interested in doing a guest column! I love the BNW and your column so it would be an honor.