Friday, September 8, 2006

Stale Crackers

I just had stale crackers with almond butter for
breakfast.  YUM!  Running out of bread is not a good thing.  My
son is eating a graham cracker/peanut butter sandwich with an apple.  I
have to get him to school by 8:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so we are
always under a major time crunch.  My current dilemma: how to get him to
take a bite of his cracker sandwich instead of using his unusually long tongue
(he can actually put his tongue inside of his nostril) to lick the peanut
butter out from between the crackers.  He can pretty much lick the entire
thing clean without ever pulling the crackers apart.  I guess I should support
his talent and mold him so that he can use it in adulthood.  How many
people do you know that can eat all of the ice cream out of an ice cream cone
without ever disturbing the cone? 


  1. Loved all of it!! Especially Truman in training for adulthood activites :)!! Hey just get a spoon of peanut butter instead of wasting a valuable graham cracker :).

  2. Look out Jules! I think Truman will be liked by all as the class clown who does funny faces and crazy tongue tricks.

  3. Oh Jules,
    Thank you for a wonderful Saturday night full of reading all of your stories (up to the 16th), along with my hubby. We've found your writing to be easy and fun to read, having great flow, full of lively entertainment, providing for bursts of outloud laughter, thought- and discussion-provoking topics for Rick and I, and great overall enjoyment. We feel like we're right there with you. Rick thinks you should have a regular column in a newspaper or such, like Carrie from Sex in the City, only this would be "Jules, From the Parenting Trenches."
    I hope you're saving all these, if not for further publication, then at least for Truman and Tatum's entertainment later in life!