Thursday, September 7, 2006

Master of the Obvious

Today I created a blog.  I was inspired by an acquaintance from my hometown who operates a political blog that has a readership of over 1000 people.  I read her blog and was extremely impressed with her ability to convey humor and pertinent information in her writing. 

My goal is to be a successful freelance writer.  Having a blog will afford me the opportunity to write on a fairly consistent basis.   I'm a little rusty as it has been nearly ten years (gulp) since I graduated from college.  Here goes nothing...


  1. Very very cool, J-Dawg! I like your writing. Clean, honest, self-effacing. Good stuff. I'm enjoying doing some writing, too, and have thought about doing this. Right now, I'm only on MySpace and posting some of my musings there.
    What is the address of this political writer who inspired you? I bet I would enjoy reading it, too!

  2. Tina-
    Thanks for the props. I've seen your writing so that means allot. The political blogger that inspired me was Laurin Manning. She does The Laurin Line. Here's the address:
    She covers South Carolina politics. She's witty and Southern to the core. I love it!