Thursday, September 21, 2006

Will Walk 4 Food

Four months of worry came to a head yesterday when my
daughter finally decided to walk. I
plan on spending today obsessing about whether, in fact, she is walking. Maybe last night was a fluke. I postponed putting her to bed because I was
concerned that she would forget her new skill during the course of the
night. She has been awake for less than
an hour now and I’ve already made her work for her breakfast. She wouldn’t walk but she did stand
unassisted. She smiled at me and looked
longingly at the waffle so I gave in and handed it over.

I’m going to a friend’s house today. She has had a front row seat to my neurotic
Mother show. She knows, first hand, how
much energy I have wasted worrying about my daughter’s inability to walk. Together, we will make it happen.

I cannot wait to take my daughter to a playgroup so she can
show off her new skill to all of her little friends. Who’s laughing now, punks? It will be a sweet victory for me and she is bound to get some pleasure
out of it as well. My daughter will
take some steps today. If she doesn’t, she won’t eat. It’s that simple.


  1. Wow Julianne!!! Congrats!! I can't wait to see her cruising past the others!!!

  2. won't eat huh? pretty tough talk, but I've seen you fold before....

  3. So did she walk? I hope she did. Congrats again Tatum!!Don't worry tatum I will sneak you some food.

  4. Thanks Samara! I can't wait to see her and Aven in their infinite cuteness, strolling hand in hand.

  5. Papa Dale-
    Fold? No way. I never fold. I'm solid as a rock :)

  6. Melinda-
    Yes, she did walk. Thank goodness because I don't think Jacquelyn believed me at first. But, in the course of our day, she took about 12 steps at once. She's very steady and slow. So, yes, I fed her.

  7. I saw little Tatum with my own two eyes toddling around my living room. The way she walks is different than most new walkers. Very slow and steady, just one cautious step at a time...but she never looks like she is about to fall. It's all very calculated. I think she was just observing and waiting until she could nail it down perfectly...which she has.

  8. Thanks, Jacquelyn, for backing me up. I'm so glad to have a witness outside of the family!