Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rockin' Out on the Weekends

I’ve decided to take the weekends off from the creative
energy that it takes to keep up with Another Gray Hair. Instead of writing about my life, I’m going to devote one entry per weekend to another one of my passions: good kid’s
music. I’m not talking about music that
your kids love and you tolerate but actual good, quality music that you will
enjoy as much as your children. I will
highlight one album each week.

If you have
any suggestions for rockin’ kid’s music, please email them to me. I am always looking for new stuff and, if
both my kids and I like it, I may include it the weekend edition of Another
Gray Hair


  1. You can't go wrong with Janis Joplin or Jimmie Buffet, but if you want to go a little smoother, the Eagles always meet the bill, get them exposed to GOOD music early, and you can get away from the wheels on the bus and the ittsie bittsie spider, good luck on that

  2. Jimmy Buffett and the Eagles maybe, but I don't know if my kiddos are ready for Janis quite yet. Give them a few years! I'm sure Grandma Mary will have it blasting in the car at some point in their lives. They'll know the words to "Me and Bobby McGee" before they reach adolescence!

  3. I really like the CD you mixed for Keira a couple years ago. I think it was called the Truman Mix

  4. Thanks, Uncle Carni. He's got great taste. I wonder where he got it from :)