Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We're back from our Thanksgiving trip to Central Illinois. We got back on Monday night and are childless until Friday evening. Living my day to day life in the absence of my children certainly has it's advantages. Here's some I've noticed in the last 48 hours:

  • The toy fairies seem to have moved out. I tidy up the house in the evening and it is still clean in the morning. I don't have to step over a matchbox car, two lone socks and a Lego to get to the kitchen. I just walk there on a clean floor. Freakin' miracle.

  • The process of getting out the door is simple. I put on MY coat, get in MY seat, buckle MY seatbelt and go. I listen to MY music and drive in peace.

  • Grocery stores with no kids? A breeze. I even got to stop and take 5 minutes to pick out the perfect nail polish. It was mundane perfection.

  • Meals? Peaceful. Quiet. Lonely.

  • Bedtimes? Peaceful. Quiet. Lonely.

  • Silence? Deafening. I miss my kids.

I think breaks like this are wonderful and maybe even essential. I am well-rested, refreshed and ready for the chaos of the holidays.  I plan on savoring the next 48 hours but I look forward to the mess, the noise and the glorious  disorder that is my house when it is bulging at the seams with the presence of my entire family.


  1. Def. a bitter-sweet thing!

  2. The toy fairies are alive and well in Central Illinois, they are living in harmony with the stray socks, the frequent and unexpected screams, and the insatiable demand for more milk. (you so owe us!-)

  3. I am sure that Papa Dale and Grandma Mary are going to be ready for a nice, quiet ride back to Illinois!