Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fallout

Top Eight Signs that Halloween is Over:

  1. You had your first Tootsie Roll at 8:30 am.

  2. Your children woke up in their costume, confused because they passed out in a sugar coma last night.

  3. You keep reliving your interaction with the fifteen year old, costume-less punks who rang your doorbell, asking you to fill their pillowcases with candy. Why the hell did you give in? Next year's plan: order custom fortune cookies with the message, "You should have worn a costume" printed on the fortune slip to pass out to unsuspecting teenage punks.

  4. You start putting away money for your child's next dentist appointment.

  5. You have to resist the urge to throw the contents of the plastic pumpkins into the garbage disposal to save your growing waistline.

  6. You don't care if you never see a piece of candy corn again. Good riddance high fructose corn syrup nuggets.

  7. You hear this come out of your mouth, "Yes, you can have another piece of candy if you eat this baby carrot."

  8. You call your husband at work and accuse him of stealing all of the Snickers.


  1. I am already saving little milk duds boxes that I have emptied (so far I have "emptied" about 10 boxes today alone). I will carefully hot-glue them shut after enclosing a message for the costumeless punks. My message will most likely include a cuss word...I'm not sure which one I will choose just yet.

  2. Jacquelyn, that is brillant!!
    I don't think we had costumeless teens this year. We did get several girls tht came together and dressed as crayons. Quite a bit of the candy will go to the office with the hubby as I no longer have an office to go to!

  3. I think the Snickers stealer would be me. Maggie busted me last night when she threw something away and said, "hey - - who put this candy wrapper in the garbage?"

  4. Hmmm. I actually kinda like the late teens that come around, by this point the kids have sorted through all the candy they DON'T want and I give it all to the older unsuspecting kids. Stops them from throwing eggs at my house...