Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Imitation Manure

My friend Jacquelyn is getting her daughter a horse stable set for Christmas. We were IM-ing tonight and comparing stable possibilities when we came across this. Check out the "product features." If you think your kid doesn't need one of these, you're dead wrong! Every kid in America needs to learn how to shovel imitation manure.


  1. Having grow up on a farm, the artificial stuff sounds easier to handle, but, do you think it will build character? That's the line my Uncle used all the time. Also, how does it do on green beans?

  2. I wonder if it lessens or greatens the chance of the child asking for real manure. (I think I know what my own child's request would be...)

  3. My oh my, what will they think of next. Reminds me of the Barbie that comes with a dog, fake doggie poop, and a pooper scooper. Fake poop seems to very big this year.